3 Shocking Oktoberfest Facts

With the Travel Event Calendar showing Oktoberfest as being a couple of weeks away, its time to reveal some shocking truths for first time attendees. What you are about to read will contain spoiler alerts. These facts are only uncovered once you have been to Oktoberfest and gained the arduous trust of a drunken German......nah not really.


1. People Snort Powder

When I first witnessed this act inside a beer tent I was thinking to myself; gees talk about doing something illegal in a non discreet manner. With the encouragement of some beer in my system, I had to ask the young lady what is going on. To my surprise she claimed it was just a mint. She even offered me some as she could see the sheer disbelief on my face. Her friend to her defense quickly explains that it provides a small boost. "You want a small boost", I said as I pulled out small tightly packed ounce of real cocaine. Ignore the last sentence as that was me trying to act out a possible scene from Scarface. For Breaking Bad fans the powder's chemical composition is that of sugar and menthol.
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2. Oktoberfest Is Family Friendly

I mean you wont see babies or children sculling down a stein of beer. All the beer drinking is hidden away inside the tents. This means a family can stroll the grounds of Oktoberfest to participate in the many rides and attractions and also order German food from the plentiful food stalls. I would even say the space allocated to the beer tents are only a quarter of that which houses the external family friendly area. This surprised me because the Hollywood derived Oktoberfest perception I had was about drunk and unruly adults drinking beer, joking around and causing mischief.

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3. Day and Night Contrasts

Continuing on from the family friend topic, visiting a beer tent during the day is vastly different to visiting at night. In the day, the atmosphere is more of a sit down, relax, chat while you eat your meal. Whereas at night all hell breaks loose  it is more of a livelier party atmosphere. Germans know how to hold their own. Their alcohol drinking culture is impressive as the Germans I saw were controlled drunks. There was no screaming or fighting. A very fun night out for everyone. This is why it is makes my top 5 favourite travel events.


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