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Our Mission

The concept of Travelendar is for people to achieve their bucket list dreams. World events are held at a certain time and location. Therefore this makes it easy for those of you who don't know where and when to travel.


How It All Started

Back in 2012, I had just relocated to London for a change/challenge/adventure. One month before San Fermin (Running of the Bulls), I tried to organise a trip with friends to attend the festival. A quick check of hotel websites made me realise this would cost an arm and leg. It is funny how San Fermin and other world events just sneaks up on you as you go about your daily life.


Travelendar is the brain child of a one Señor Ben. Who is this Señor Ben?

CV of Mr. Ben



After travelling to over 30 countries on his Australian passport and facing bankruptcy, this serial traveler had to pull up a miracle to refinance his mortgage and feed his 2 dogs, 7 kids and 3 wives (in no particular order of who he loves most) enjoying the unique events on offer from each country so much, this travel lover decided to share this information with everyone. Ben bases his travels around travel events as they occur once a year. After attending the travel event, he then travels around the country to immerse himself into the local lifestyle.

Señor Ben has attended 11 events listed on the Travel Event Calendar. You can tell which ones he has been to by seeing whether there are any tips listed in each event.


Travel Experience

Travel Map
Harry Backpacker

Other Facts


Colour- Dark blue

Food- Nasi Lemak and Ice Cream

Sport- Football (soccer)

Music- Arty, Tommy Trash and  Zedd

Likes- Mexican Waves and Siberian Huskies