Sorting out the details of a well-earned break can be painfully confusing, frustrating and time consuming.


With so many websites competing against each other in the same areas of air fare, accommodation booking and travel planning, it is understandable why people get stressed out. When you factor the need to get visas and vaccines, it suddenly all becomes overwhelming.


Why isn't there an easy one page cheat sheet to just simplify everything?  We believe travel should be a fun, exciting and enjoyable process. Here, we break down the best travel websites for the various stages of  organising your dream holiday.


Best Travel Websites


Summary With Clickable Links

1. Brainstorm what country/city to visit and when:

2. Research things to do and see: Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet

3. Check if a visa is required: Travisa

4. Buy flights: Secret Flying and then use Skyscanner

5. Book accommodation based on your budget:

$:Hostelworld   $$: Airbnb

$$$: (For Asian countries- Agoda)

6. Travel vaccines and medication: IAMAT

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