Batalla del Vino

28/06/2019 – 29/06/2019 all-day
26200 Haro
La Rioja

Batalla del Vino


Batalla del Vino is known as the Haro Wine Battle. The central focus of this festival is the full on wine fights where you try to soak everyone in red wine! It is hosted in the famous Spanish wine region of Rioja. Spain is the home of fun festivals which include San Fermin and La Tomatina.


What happens during Batalla del Vino

On the night of the 28th of June, an awesome street party takes place. This party is a celebration ahead of the actual wine fight that begins in the following morning. On the 29th, a procession takes place to the cliffs of Bilibio at 7am. This is where the wine fighting location is and wine fights start at 8am. Bring along a bucket, bottle or super soaker to fill up on the wine that is supplied free of charge.


PlaneGetting There

You can catch a bus from Bilboa to Haro. The bus company is Alsa and the journey takes 1 hour.


Closest International Airport: Vitoria Airport (VIT) is the closest airport. However Bilboa Airport (BIO) has a lot more connecting flights. It is 81km from the town of Haro.


General TipsGeneral Tips

1) Red wine stains clothes and it is difficult to get out. Wear cheap white clothes (the official uniform is white) that you don't mind throwing out afterwards.

2) Bring googles or some form of eye protection. Any form of alcohol that hits your eyes will cause a stinging sensation.

3) Do not drink the wine that is for drenching others. The wine is of a poor quality so keep it away from your stomach.