30/08/2020 – 07/09/2020 all-day
Black Rock City
425 USD

Burning Man


Burning Man is festival which focuses on fostering the community spirit. The name of the festival is derived from the tradition of burning a giant wooden statue of a man. This symbolises the destruction of one's ego. Besides the main statue there are plenty of creative and outstanding art pieces scattered throughout the desert was is commonly referred to as playa.


Desert survival at Burning Man

The name given to those attending are Burners. Burners camp out in the middle of desert and can only barter for goods and services.  Money is not accepted during the festival. However you can buy ice and coffee. The hot, dry and windy desert location brings about survival issues.

  • Water- Free water is not provided, therefore you need to bring at least 14 litres per person.
  • Food- Easiest option is to bring non perishable food like tinned food, dried fruit and muesli bars.
  • Shelter- Your main option is to tent it or use an RV (camper van).
  • Transport- A good way to get around the desert is by bicycle. The art installations are spread across the desert, so it is easier to ride around then by walking.
  • Lights- Being in a desert means there are no street lights. You need to bring LED lights to ensure people can see you at night. This prevents accidents with cyclists and losing your friends.


Burning Man Art


Tickets are required for attending Burning Man: https://tickets.burningman.org/.


PlaneGetting There

Organisers have provided transportation using Burner Express. Burner Express has two transportation options. You can choose to travel by bus or air. Furthermore it leaves from two locations of San Francisco and Reno Airport.


Another way to get there is to reserve and hire your own RV and drive it to the festival. It takes 3 hours to reach Black Rock City from Reno. So a fantastic strategy is to fly into Reno Airport. From the airport you make your way into town to pick up your pre-booked RV. If RV's are all gone, then you can go for the car camping route by hiring a car from Reno Airport. Drive into town and pick up your tent and other camping necessities.


Closest International Airport: The closest airport is Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO) in Reno.


General TipsGeneral Tips

1) Read up on the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

2) Bring your free, happy, community mindset. Participation is the recommended way for this event.

3) Bring dust masks, goggles or contact lenses to protect yourself from the desert's dusty environment.

4) Accept and understand that you will be covered in dust.