Chinese New Year

24/01/2020 – 30/01/2020 all-day

Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is the celebration of the new year based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The calendar is based on a 12 year cycle with an animal representing each year. 2020 is the year of the rat.


Chinese New Year Traditions

Leading up to the date, people decorate their houses with red coloured decorations. Red is a lucky colour and people dress up in red clothes too. On New Year's Eve, families get together at home for a reunion dinner. Fish, dumplings, noodles and spring rolls are traditionally eaten. The best part of Chinese New Year for children is receiving Hong Bao. Hong Bao is a red packet envelope that contains money.


The Chinese have immigrated to many countries in the world. As a result countries which also celebrate Chinese New Year include Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Hong Kong and Beijing are brilliant destinations to witness the true spectacle of Chinese New Year. Those two cities are much more festive and offer a greater atmosphere.


PlaneGetting There

Chinese New Year is a hectic time to travel around China by car and train . This is because the locals are making their journey to their families. For most the locals, they only have this period off of work and only see their families once a year. Tourists should favour air travel to avoid the mass ground migration.


Closest International Airport: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) for Hong Kong and Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) for Beijing.


General TipsGeneral Tips

1) Learn the phrase "Gong Xi Fa Choi". It means have a prosperous new year and is a common greeting.

2) Try to fly into your destination as oppose to using ground transportation. Flying is less stressful and hectic than using the congested road and railway system.

3) Red is considered a lucky colour in Chinese culture. Pack an item of clothing that is red in colour to fit in with the local festivities.