21/11/2022 – 18/12/2022 all-day

FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup or the World Cup is a football/soccer tournament held between the qualified countries of the world. This event takes place every four years in a new region of the world.  FIFA World Cup 2022 will have a couple of records broken. First of all Qatar is the first Arab nation to host. Secondly this is the first time the World Cup will take place in November/December for better weather conditions. Previous World Cups took place in June/July.



You can keep track of the ticket sale dates here.

There are 3 categories of tickets with category 1 being the most expensive and category 3 being the cheapest. Category 1 is more expensive as it means you get a closer seat to the action For the group matches category 1 is $210 USD, category 2 is $164 USD and category 3 is $105 USD.

To secure tickets to the World Cup you need to create an online account with www.fifa.com. Select the matches you want and the number of tickets which puts you into a draw. If you are successful in the draw, expect to see an email from FIFA!


PlaneGetting There

Qatar is a small country that is connected by land to Saudi Arabia. It is most likely you will be flying in to its capital of Doha. Qatar Airways is one of the biggest airlines in the world and it is based at Hamad International Airport.


Closest International Airport: Hamad International Airport (DOH)


General TipsSeñor Ben's Tips

1) Check which city the matches you want to attend.

2) FIFA will provide supporters of their home country with a higher chance of getting tickets to their home country's team.

3) Book your accommodation straight away after receiving ticket confirmation for the lowest price.

4) You can not bring food, drinks and selfie sticks inside the stadium.