Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

05/01/2018 – 25/02/2018 all-day
Sun Island
Songbei, Harbin, China

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival


The colourful lit buildings you see are made entirely of ice. Multicolour lights are used to light up the ice sculptures. How freaking amazing is that! They can be found at the largest winter festival in the world: Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.


Harbin is located in the North East of China. Attendees brave the average nightly lows of -25 degree Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit) to view the spectacular hand and laser cut sculptures. There are restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and Chinese restaurants to defrost and keep you warm.


3 Venues Comprise the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival:

  1. Sun Island (太阳岛 Pronounced: Tàiyáng dao): Snow sculptures which can only be seen during the day
  2. Ice and Snow World(冰雪世界 Pronounced: Bīngxuě shìjiè): Ice sculptures like the picture above
  3. Zhaolin Park (兆麟公园 Pronounced: Zhào lín gōngyuán): Ice lanterns

Sun Island is located north of Songhua river. Whereas Zhaolin Park is in Ice and Snow World which makes it convenient. You need a taxi or bus to reach Ice and Snow World from Sun Island.



Each venue has its own entrance fee which can be purchased on the day at the ticket counter. The Ice and Snow World is the most expensive at 330 RMB per adult and 200 RMB per child. Carry cash as credit card is not accepted everywhere. You can ask for your hotel and taxi driver to help you buy the tickets.


PlaneGetting There

Closest International Airport: Harbin Taiping International Airport (HRB), Harbin


General Tips

1) Pack for freezing cold conditions. Wear ice shoes and cover yourself completely by wearing a beanie and face mask. Bring heat packs to warm up your hands, feet and electronics.

2) Keep your phone or camera warm by storing it as close to your body as possible. The extreme cold quickly drain's the battery. You can also cover your electronic device in a case to keep it extra warm.

3) If you can, avoid visiting during Chinese New Year as there will be larger crowd numbers.

4) Make sure to visit at least once during the night, for the beautiful lit buildings.