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Tour de France

Tour De France


The most riveting cycling event on Earth is the Tour de France. The event is held predominantly over various cities, towns and countryside of France. It has made brief appearances in the neighbouring countries of England, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.


Before the cyclists arrive, a convoy of cars will pass through. The cars throw out free marketing goodies to the spectators.



Tickets are not required to watch this spectacle in person. Make your way to the location where the race will pass through. Keep in mind being there in person is more about soaking in the atmosphere than watching the race.


PlaneGetting There

First of all have a look at the cities hosting the various stages of the race and select the stage or city which takes your interest. Click here to see where and when the tour goes. In the link provided it tells you which of the stages are mountainous. When you click on the stage button, information is provided on the altitude and location of the hilly areas, like the photo below.

Tour De France Map

Cyclists take longer to pedal  up the mountain. This is even more true for a hilly area towards the end of the stage, where a lot of the riders' energy has already been spent.  Based on this information and looking at the photo above, suggests Alpe D'Huez is a great location to see the race. The next step is to use a website like booking.com to find accommodation nearby to this area. In summary it is beneficial to select a mountain stage to see the Tour de France as it provides more time for you to see the riders in action.

There are several ways to see the Tour de France. The choice depends on which style you prefer.One way is to hire a car which will get you to the smaller towns. Another option is to use a camper van. This is great for seeing more stages as you don't need to worry about accommodation.


Closest International Airport: Not applicable as stages are held over various French cities. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Paris is the most connected French airport.


General TipsSenor Ben's Tips

1) Book your accommodation in advance. As the race passes through small towns, accommodation can be difficult to find if you leave it to last minute.

2) Plan to watch a mountainous stage. This is because it takes more energy for the cyclists to ride up the mountain. Therefore you get more viewing time.

3) Hire or bring your bike as this is the easiest way to get to the course. Plan to cycle to your viewing spot ahead of time as police will close sections of roads.

4) Pack water, food and sun protection to sustain yourself as you wait for the cyclists to ride by.

5) This useful link has suggestions for more things to do in France.