So you want to travel to Florida

You won’t regret planning a trip to Florida! It’s a diverse state with so much to experience, and it makes a great vacation destination. It’s a big state, and you might be unfamiliar with all that it has to offer. You’ve come to the right place to learn the best times to visit and what to do when you get there

The best time to visit Florida

An enjoyable vacation to Florida may be affected by two main factors: the weather and the crowds. Although it’s possible to enjoy Florida any time of year, you may want to consider these two factors when planning your trip. 

Weather in Florida

Florida is split into seven climate divisions. Each region may have different weather throughout the year, although the general climate is similar across Florida. Let’s dive deeper into the climate in each division so that you can decide where the best place for you to travel is. 

Average temperatures in the 7 climate divisions of Florida

The table below shows the average temperatures in 2021 in each of the 7 climate regions in Florida. You can use this to predict what the weather will be like during the year. 

 DivisionAverage temperature (℉, 2021)Average Winter (DJF) temperature (℉, 2021)Average Spring (MAM)temperature (℉, 2021)Average Summer (JJA)temperature (℉, 2021)Average Fall (SON) temperature (℉, 2021)
168.4 52.967.581.068.7
7 78.170.577.283.379.2

Average rainfall in the 7 climate divisions of Florida

The table below shows the average rainfall in 2021 in each of the 7 climate regions in Florida. You can use this to predict what the weather will be like during the year

 DivisionAverage rainfall (inches, 2021)Average Winter (DJF) rainfall (inches, 2021)Average Spring (MAM)  rainfall (inches, 2021)Average Summer (JJA) rainfall (inches, 2021)Average Fall (SON) rainfall (inches, 2021)
3 54.795.567.0027.1714.40

Choosing the best place to visit and the best time to go depends on what you are looking for out of your vacation. The most temperate weather is in central Florida in fall and spring. These months have moderate temperatures and less rainfall. 

The hottest months are unsurprisingly the summer months. The high temperatures are often accompanied by humidity and periodic rainfall. Humidity can make it feel even hotter outside. 

One thing you should be aware of in Florida is hurricane season. Hurricane season is technically June through October. However, hurricanes are most common from August through October. As long as you know what to expect for your trip to Florida, you can find ways to enjoy your trip at any time of year. 

Tourism in Florida

Florida is a popular destination for travelers worldwide to visit. The areas most impacted by tourism are Orlando, Miami, Key West, St. Augustine, and St. Petersburg. You can expect the largest crowds during the summer months, usually June and July. 

Peak tourism months also come with a spike in prices. Food, retail, and transportation costs are highest in Florida in the summertime. Keep this in mind as you consider when to visit. 

The perfect months to go to Florida

Based on weather patterns, crowds, and costs, we recommend visiting Florida in March or April. The weather is the mildest, but still warm enough to enjoy sunshine and beaches. There is the least chance of rain and hurricanes. 

During March and April, fewer tourists are visiting Florida, so you can enjoy less crowded and less expensive attractions.

Again, any time of year can be great in Florida, but if these optimal conditions sound good to you, consider planning your trip during the spring months of March and April!

What to do in Florida

There’s something for everyone in the state of Florida. Whether you crave adventure, relaxation, or family time, you’ll be able to find activities to suit you. 

For the adventurer

There is lots to explore in Florida. Check out these excursions on your trip to Florida. 

Devils Den

Devils Den is in Williston, and it’s a great spot for the adventurous. Snorkel, scuba dive, and camp at this cavernous spring. The water is clear, and the geology is something to marvel at.

Dry Tortugas National Park

This national park draws in adventurers with its 7 islands, reefs, and shipwreck. There’s so much to explore and admire about this unique place. 

For the relaxers

If you want a relaxing vacation in Florida, there are tons of options for you. Here are a couple of relaxing things to do and see. 

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater beach is home to silky white sand beaches, restaurants, entertainment, and more. Spend the day relaxing on the beach with amenities just around the corner.

Naples Botanical Garden

Spend the day walking through one of Florida’s most beautiful botanical gardens. There are 170-acres of horticulture to admire

For the family

Florida is great for family vacations. These are two of the most popular kid-friendly activities for families visiting Florida.

Disney World

The world-famous Disney World resides just outside of Orlando, Florida. This giant amusement park includes four internal parks of different themes and has tons of other attractions in surrounding areas. There’s no way you can explore every corner of the park in just one day. There is so much to see and so much Disney-style fun to be had. 

Kennedy Space Center

Expose your family to one of the most famous NASA field centers in the US. You can visit on a day trip from Orlando and revel in the history of space exploration and expedition. 

The bottom line

Florida has so much to offer. Now you have a better understanding of when to visit and some options for what to do and see. Enjoy your trip!

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