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When you live a busy life, sometimes it feels as if the world and all its glorious beauty is spinning right past you. For just $9 AUD / $7 USD a year, the Bucket List Newsletter notifies you 6 months in advance of upcoming bucket list events, like Oktoberfest and Brazil Carnival. Never miss out on planning the trip of a lifetime! Watch the video to see the newsletter in action.


Try the Newsletter for 2 months. If you don’t think it is valuable, we’ll give you your money back!


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What Travel Experts Are Saying

Katie Diederichs @Two Wandering Soles: "great tool to help you in the first travel planning stages."

Stephanie Huynh @The Passport Lifestyle: "creative and novel approach to trip planning.... uniquely polished and useful."

Megan Jerrard @Mapping Megan: "find the best information on festivals."

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Bucket List Newsletter: January Edition

5 Upcoming Events

05 Jan: Harbin Ice Festival, China
09 Jan: Ticket Sale: Tomorrowland
27 Jan: Venice Carnival, Italy
04 Feb: Super Bowl, USA
09 Feb: Brazil Carnival, Brazil

Events in 6 Months

02 Jul: Wimbledon, England
06 Jul: San Fermin, Spain
07 Jul: Tour De France, France
20 Jul: Tomorrowland, Belgium
26 Aug: Burning Man, USA

Main Features

Newsletter Links

1) Blue Clickable Links

Click on the event name to get all the information you need to attend the event. Save your precious time from having to do the research. For example: Oktoberfest

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2) Be notified about events happening in 6 months

Book your flights and hotels in advance, to save a lot of money.


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3) Keep in touch with upcoming world events

With the modern world becoming a smaller place, events half way around the world, have a bigger reach.