Top 5 Travel Events

Writing this was easy as I knew my 5 most favourite travel events. The only difficulty I had was the order and especially the order of the top 3 events. For a full list of events please see the Travel Event Calendar.



5. Hogmanay

Besides the Hogmanay street party, my highlight of the Scottish New Year celebration was the torchlight procession. The torchlight procession occurs at night and participants carry real flame lit Olympic like torches in their hands whilst walking around the Old Town. Maybe it was my inner caveman but this simple fiery display of traditions was a beautiful sight indeed.



Tour de France

4. Tour De France

The atmosphere at the Tour De France is unique as it captures all walks of life. Whilst making my way to the optimal vantage point I noticed plenty of international families, young children, adults and retirees out and about. The crowd passionately cheered on each cyclist which passed by irregardless of what country or cycling team they were from.




3. Oktoberfest

Maybe the guy in the green shirt is ordering a beer via an app? Random comment was not easy deciding the top three events I have been to. Oktoberfest at night was one glorious tipsy affair. A local Bavarian band is belting out German classic songs. The crowd with a heightened ability to karaoke from the scientifically proven amber juice, join in when the English songs are played. Everyone around you is singing, dancing and randomly "cheersing" each other's stein glasses.



San Fermins

2. San Fermin Festival (Running of the Bulls)

In terms of stimulating visual displays and enriching cultural experience, San Fermin had it all. From the first day of the opening ceremony (picture above), to the Sangria splashing party, to the adrenaline filled running of the bulls, each day offered an unforgettable experience. It was difficult watching the matadors fight the bulls in the stadium. All in all San Fermin well and truly exceeded all my expectations 🙂



The coveted number one event is.............


1. Tomorrowland Belgium

Wow Tomorrowland, you are my all time favourite event. It took me a full four months to stop the constant reminiscing about this fantastic event! The festival grounds are littered with colourful, out of this world creative displays. The main stage is stocked up on long distance lasers, powerful smoke guns, confetti cannons, fire blasters and fireworks. Most importantly the crowd of party animals from 200 countries had an amazing fun energy jumping and fist pumping to the DJs. Stop watching the youtube aftermovies and attend this event.

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