5 Tips To Successfully Chase World Events


1. Check if you need a ticket for the event you are interested in

Tickets can go on sale 3 to 6 months before the actual event. Some events require you to register before you can purchase a ticket.

World Cup Ticket


2. Book your accommodation at least 4 months in advance

These events normally attract a lot of tourists. Due to the to the increased demand for hotels/hostels/airbnb you want to book early to secure your accommodation and also at a reasonable price.



3. Book your flight with the arrival date being at least a couple of days in advance of the event starting

This is so if your flight is delayed or cancelled you still have some leeway to make the event.



4. Do some research about the event's customs and what to expect from each day of the event

Acknowledging and respecting the traditions of a country's event will increase your experiences even more.



5. Make sure you are organised with what to bring and how you dress for outdoor events

You want to pack sunscreen,hat, sunglasses, adequate water, food and a jacket for weather changes.