10 Things I Always Pack


1. Passport: Not much needs to be said here.


2. Visa (Fingers cross on sponsorship) Debit Card and Mastercard Credit Card: Pay for expenses and withdraw local currency. Never carry both types of cards with you at the same time.


3. $100 US Note: Keep this item in a super secret place away from your wallet and passport. This baby comes in handy when your wallet has been stolen. Most countries will exchange this with the local currency providing you with emergency funds.


4. Wallet: To store credit/debit card and the local currency. I normally use an older wallet I have lying around.


5. Camera and Batteries (the old cram 2 items into one trick): Capture moments to relive over again when the journey ends. I use the Olympus TG-4 as it takes good photos and is importantly waterproof. Carry a couple of batteries in case you are trekking for 5 days in the wilderness.


6. Mobile Phone and Charger: This gives me access to Google Drive where I store information on a city's sights,activities and restaurants to visit. A mobile phone also allows you to have a back up camera.When I am staying in a country for more than a month I will definitely purchase a local sim card. This helps as I can use Google Maps to find places.


7. Laptop and Battery: I can feel the anger erupting in a few readers as of right now. Yes you should travel and pack light. For me I enjoy having a laptop to be able to backup photos, watch movies of the country I am travelling in and be comfortable doing banking on a secure device. I use a Toshiba Ultrabook laptop as it is light and portable.


8. Universal Power Adapter: To charge up all the devices listed above.


9. Headtorch: In the Brazilian Amazon, I met a English man who was a professional adventure tour guide. Upon asking him what is the most important equipment he packs he replied: head torch. The reason for this is that if you are ever lost at night you can find your way back. Very true for a adventurous soul but a headtorch keeps your hands free to find where you kept your toothbrush when you arrive back to a hostel at 3am.


10. Compact Neck Pillow: This comes in handy for budget planes and dodgy rattling trains.