Hola Travelendians,


I would like to talk about a new feature of the Travel Event Calendar. You now have the ability to filter the calendar based on countries that you are interested in! Right next to where you find the categories drop down menu, is the new Tags drop down menu. When you click on the tag menu you should see the following countries listed:

Country Tag

Once you click on a single country it will narrow down the events hosted in that one country. The feedback for having the country filter came from a poster at the Reddit forum.  procyon82 wherever you are in this beautiful world, we are grateful for your feedback.


Monthly Newsletter

Starting in early December, a trial monthly newsletter was sent out to close friends of mine. I would like to thank my friends Alan, Jian, Amy and Rich for their comments and time taken to review the newsletter. The newsletter is more of a reminding system of what events are coming up soon and which ones are occurring in 6 months time. As discussed in this event tips post, 6 months before an event takes place, is the perfect time to start thinking about planning for it. Here is the brilliant newsletter format going forwards:




After receiving positive feedback on the content, the newsletter is now available through the Home page. Simply type in your email into the space provided and click the dark blue button which says "Join the Travelendar Family". The following message will pop up if everything is fine: "Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions". As that message suggests the next step is to log into your email account. Then open up the email from Travelendar.com. Please check your spam inbox in case the email accidentally went there. Finally click on the red button in the email and you are all set to receive the best newsletter in the world :D.


Final Words

Thank you for supporting and continually using the website. If you enjoy using the website, I would appreciate it if you let your family and friends know about Travelendar.com. As always I am on the lookout for ways to improve the website. If you have any feedback/improvements please list it down in the comments below.


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